Profiel Finalist CTP 2020 – Katharina Moormann

voornaam: Katharina
achternaam: Moormann
functie:  Global Travel Manager en Change Manager
werkzaam bij:  Rabobank sinds 2008 en vanaf 2017 in de huidige functie

Thema conference en verkiezing 2020- ‘de Kracht van Data en Business Intelligence’

Iedere genomineerde is een aantal vragen voorgelegd, waarvan een samenvatting van de  antwoorden op een aantal vragen is weergegeven.

De antwoorden van:  Katharina Moormann (In het Engels)


What has been your biggest challenge in this time of crisis and how did you tackle / solve it?

Rabobank Group operates through Rabobank and its subsidiaries (e.g. DLL) in 54 countries, including the Netherlands. The biggest challenge we had to deal with was bringing calm to the chaos at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. As such we had to count on 100% reliable insight in the whereabouts of our business travellers and international assignees and their families and ensure a safe return to their home base.

This was not an easy task as flights were cancelled & changed through different means (directly at airlines, at airport service desks, through our TMC or simply directly through airline). Therefore one 100% reliable data set was unfortunately not available at source, our TMC, but had to be complimented with data received directly from suppliers and aligned with our subsidiaries and local travel colleagues in the various local offices worldwide.

What have you done to demonstrate your (added) value to the organization and the C-suite and what role do reports and data analysis play in this?

Valued sparring partner to help steer business travel through the crisis and to develop a sustainable travel program for the next years covering Travel Health, Safety, Environmental Sustainability, and the reduction of travel cost while maintaining quality.  Travel data analytics play a very important part to transforming the business travel program and steering on new policy measures. One example is the increased focus on sustainability and the changing reporting responsibilities Rabobank has e.g. CO2 emission. Through dashboards and dedicated reports we can perform analyses that support this shift in strategy e.g. mandatory train travels instead of air travel for certain routes.

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What has been your biggest “success” during these crisis months? In other words, what achievement are you most proud of?

  1. Bringing everyone home safe….
  2. Continuing our partnership strong relationships with service providers (TMC, airlines, hotels, etc.) and our cooperative role in society
  3. Getting insight into the financial impact of the crisis due to unused tickets, vouchers, refunds etc. and managing this – mass refund claim – centrally using vouchers for new bookings


How do you see your role in the (near) future and what impact will data have on this?

Business travel is and will return, but different. Working from home will become the new norm in many countries, with video conference and virtual meetings.

My role is changing with more focus on travel safety & health and environmental sustainability (carbon neutral) and consequently also costs. There will be more focus on changing the behaviour of business travellers (consciousness and awareness) which will require a more proactive approach to engage travellers before they book / think of booking. I also see that in the future, due to sustainability pressure, travel will be more often grouped with mobility and conferences to allow the organisation to effectively assess the impact of its carbon footprint outside of the organisation. We are also focusing on a more ROI approach of business travel and steer towards a more qualitative (think health & safety) than quantitative (lower travel volumes than seen in previous year).

Personal note

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this nomination and for working with me and Rabobank as Partners in these challenging times. I look forward to continuing our partnership for the coming years.


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