Profiel Finalist CTP 2019 – Dolores Barolo

voornaam: Dolores
achternaam: Barolo
functie: Head of Procurement
werkzaam bij: Irdeto

Thema conference en verkiezing 2019- ‘Innovatie in business travel & mobility’

Iedere genomineerde is een aantal vragen voorgelegd, waarvan het antwoord op 3 vragen is weergegeven.

De antwoorden van:  Dolores Barolo (in het Engels)

Wat betekent het begrip ‘innovatie’ voor jou?

“Innovation” is the central focus of Irdeto business and this strategy is reflected also in choosing our Suppliers. When looking at Travel category, innovation has been the biggest driver in the last few years and it has been reflected in our RFP sent out last October, to select our Global Travel Partner. Irdeto, being a Technology Company, has looked into the most innovative Travel Partners expecting not only “now” innovation, but also a clear roadmap to keep innovating and adding new features to the offering. We are looking at smart analytics that predict our traveler behaviors, advanced features to easily upload IDs, Passports etc., technology as QR features, that allows an easy “self-service” behavior. We require a global platform that is intuitive, comprehensive and that allows visibility to where our traveler are, for Duty of care”. Purpose. We see technology as a great added value to reduce effort and “human error” and improve the “Travel experience” of our travelers.

In hoeverre ben jij zelf innovatief bezig binnen jouw invloedsfeer op gebied van Travel en/of  Mobility en waaruit blijkt dat? 

I am working in a very innovative way as this is a requirement, being Irdeto an innovative thinking Company. I would say that the disadvantage for the “Traditional” Travel Agency is that Irdeto is always looking at the latest technology, to improve our way of working and our performance while the sector is not fast moving in term of adopting new technology. Working with innovation is shown promoting one global platform with one “user interface” experience that give the same look and feel to Irdeto Travelers all over the world and capable of efficiently support self-service behavior. We support our travelers with constant internal communication to make sure they are informed of the latest features added as well as to keep the pulse of satisfaction and new requirements. Innovation is working alongside our travel partner to constantly feed each other of new requirements, needs and wishes of our travelers and make sure they will be taken into consideration in their roadmap. We expect that our Partner can work on new requirements in a timely manner and that changes are developed and rolled out every six to eight weeks, in an agile way of working that match Irdeto way of working.

Hoe zie jij jouw rol over 3-5 jaar?

More focused on monitoring, evaluating/scrutinizing analytics and less operational. This is indeed the goal Irdeto has set. As consequence this is the reason of partnering with an innovative company that can offer the capability we have been looking for. Data analysis will allow us to better define the travel strategy, savings opportunity, better user experience and timely perform changes to the Travel Policy in the company.

Persoonlijke noot:

I am thrilled for the nomination in consideration of the major effort in the last years to truly become innovative in our travel vision, driven from the needs of our Company where technology and innovation is our life.


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