Profiel Finalist CTP 2020 – Daniel Tallos

voornaam: Daniel
achternaam: Tallos
functie: Travel Manager EMEA
werkzaam bij: NIKE sinds 2014

Thema conference en verkiezing 2020-  de Kracht van data en Intelligence

Iedere genomineerde is een aantal vragen voorgelegd, waarvan een selectie hieronder wordt weergegeven.

De antwoorden van:  Daniel Tallos (in het Engels)

What do you see as the biggest challenge(s) with regards to travel in this time of crisis and how would you tackle / solve it?

The biggest challenge in the current crisis has been balancing health & safety requirements, company liability and consumer experience. I would also argue that it is still very much a challenge for most companies, as pre-booking and pre-travel approval processes, which dominate at most companies are quite tricky to embed in the travel request process, because of the lack of appropriate tools, which can fulfil all company requirements. This also means that the health&safety and liability aspects had to be prioritized over consumer experience and much of the trip vetting or health and safety risk information provided to consumers at point of booking is either highly manual or inexistent. That is impacting consumer satisfaction of internal consumers, and results in a lot of manual work, extra resources needed, because of the lack of alignment of tools, data sources and reporting. The other side of the same problem is the lack of availability of a fully reliable, scalable self-service trip vetting solution, which would also be embedded in the trip request process, including not only basic traveler profile information, but also notions of other personal information, e.g. residence/work status information and also the ability to be configured according to company requirements. For now, companies which are vetting trips manually can still sustain such a process, as demand generally speaking is still low, however once travel demand is back, companies will quickly need to find solutions, which will allow them to scale and automate the trip vetting process.

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Your thoughts on how data /digitization will change the travel & mobility industry in the coming years

Travelers has been becoming extra cautious and circumspect about the risks related to their trips (not limited to health & safety) and – generally speaking – they will most probably also wish to have a very granular, detailed understanding of their overall consumer journey including all touchpoints. This also means that they will potentially wish to pre-purchase more amenities and services reducing or eliminating friction points and hurdles throughout their planned consumer journey. This implies that distribution capabilities will have to be in par with these new consumer requirements, thus new distribution capabilities and potentially new product offerings implemented via TMCs, answering these needs will be highly welcome. TMCs will be increasingly able to service their corp. consumers aligning with these new requirements, but for that they will need to invest into predictive data capabilities, which then will enable their frontline servicing incl. off- and online to service consumers in more effective ways.

How do you see your role as travel manager in the (near) future and what impact will data have on this?

Travel managers will need embrace the opportunities around data and how that can be leveraged for servicing consumers more effectively. This also means that TMs will need to learn new skills, incl. data science and to segment their own consumer base, so more granular attributes pertaining to different traveler personas can be found out about. They will have to work more closely with the Tech and Data teams of their TMCs to translate their findings into better consumer servicing, by pushing the TMCs to invest in the right areas.

Your thoughts about how to resume travel & mobility ? Will Covid-19 change the industry forever?

I do not know when travel will resume. In domestic China and some other Asia countries, travel demand is back, at slightly lower levels than pre-COVID. So I think it is likely that domestic travel will come back first in larger countries and that is giving us hope. The crisis will most probably have a transformational role in shaping discussions around the return of investment of a trip. It has also been affecting notions around how to travel more sustainably and how traveler wellbeing and productivity are impacted. So I am expecting shifts in these areas, their will be more focus, better definitions and potentially tools and measurements of success.

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