Partner: Lean Travel Management

​Lean Travel Management is specialized in contracting airlines, hotels and car rental companies for both SME’s and larger corporates and is founded by Ton Stuurman and Jan-Arie den Hertog. A strong combination given their experience as Travel Managers within international businesses.

What do we do?

Lean Travel Management negotiates and contracts special deals with airlines, hotels and car rental companies on behalf of corporate businesses. You can benefit from this collective buying power . In addition, the company will seek for contract opportunities with other suppliers in line with your travel pattern.  The agreed corporate discounts will be uploaded in your travel agent’s booking systems. Discounts can be offered up to 40% compared to the regular fares. Lean Travel Management also takes care of the uploading of these corporate deals into the booking system of your travel agent. To ensure you to have always access to the discounted corporates fares, our fare-auditor performs spot checks. Our service is offered based on a no-cure & no-pay system.

Our approach

From savings calculation to fare auditing. It takes a lot of effort to arrange everything properly, but we don’t want to burden you with that. It is Lean Travel Management’s expertise and core business to do this on your behalf. Check the steps we take, always based on the needs of all stakeholders.

Members of the BTM CLub receive a 25% discount on our fees!

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