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Do you recognize this?

Your responsibilities as travel- or procurement manager keep you busy. Many issues ask your attention. Therefore Contract management for business travel might not be high on your priority list. You may have some contracts signed with business travel suppliers, but is it sufficient? In reality over 50% of business travel expenses are not covered by a contract, resulting in missed savings and benefits. And how to check the process of loading and the right usage of the contracted fares?

The LMT solution

Negotiating with travel suppliers effectively is quite complex, requiring specific knowledge, so while you are in control and making sure your company’s goals are met, Lean Travel Management takes care about contracting your business travel. We also negotiate additional benefits for your employees, such as lounge access, Wifi on board or  an upgrade of a hotel room.

How do we work?

Lean Travel Management negotiates special deals with airlines, hotels and car rental companies on behalf of corporate businesses. You can benefit from this collective buying power . In addition, we will seek for contract opportunities with other suppliers in line with your travel pattern.   Discounts up to 40% compared to the regular fares are achieved. Lean Travel Management also takes care of the uploading of these special corporate deals into your agent’s booking system. To ensure you to always have access to the negotiated fares, our fare-auditor performs spot checks. The service is offered based on a no-cure & no-pay concept. Check the steps we take,  always taking into account the interests of all stakeholders involved.

About LMT

Lean Travel Management is a procurement organization specialized in contracting airlines, hotels and car rental companies for both SME’s and larger corporates. The founders are Ton Stuurman and Jan-Arie den Hertog. A strong combination given their experience as (ex) Travel Manager within international business.

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